Like a star

All the haste,
Is just waste.

Of energy, time and love.

You don’t love,
what you do,
do you?

Most of the time…

Most of the time,
you think,
that’s not mine.

Maybe I waste my time…

It’s your time,
and you know.

Time for your lovely ones,
time to fulfill yourself.

Sounds like a modeling clay.

I betray,
to be,
what marketing made me.

what do you want to be?

You are not like a bee.

Step aside,
you know you might,
try to be yourself.

Sounds unimaginably,
as long as you try to be,
your enemy – an image.

Imagine who you really are,
Feel individually like a star!

Above in the sky,
Go and live, don’t hide!
No need to be shy.

Just give it a try! 🙂

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