Final Fight

My life,
Is an endless fight.
Day for day and day.

And day and day,
Month and month,
And year after year and year…

I fight,
To appear being ok.

To seem normal,
And keep expectations.

My position is,
To be an exception.

It costs me,
A lot of energy.

I fight,
Not to seem freaky.

But I enjoy,
Being a freak.

Being a creak,
In most symphony.

I fight,
For being loved.

And love to be,
Your synergy.

I fight,
With my left energy.

And feel left alone,
As there’s never,
Enough left.

I fight with my behaviour,
I fight for respect,
And integration.

Or at least,

I fight,
For not being a beast,
In your eyes at least.

I fight,
For not being rejected,
All the time.

I fight,
For time,
For myself.

I fight,
Not rejecting myself.

From myself,
And society.

I fight,
For not fleeing.

From reality,
Or the man I want to be.

I fight and fight!
It’s my only reality.

I met you,

You taught me,
That I can be,
As I am.

And be beautiful,
At least for you.

You are the harmony,
That hugs,
My fighting reality.

It calms down.

I feel thrown,
Into a dream.

A dream,
I was screaming for,
All life through.

Cause in your arms,
There is no fight.

No spite.
No spit.

No disdain.
No pain.

Just being.

Seems like,
I’ve won.

My final fight.

I just have,
To recognize.

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