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The Hacker Manifesto Poem

Flowing through the net,
Like information.

Feeling home again,

Playing hide and seek,
Like a big child.

Breathing bits and bytes,
Dreaming in code and exploits.

This is my world, my universe.
The beauty of the baud.

I know it’s controverse,
And out of your control.

Out of your way of thinking,
Foreign and frightening.

Not for me.
I dwell here.

You call me a criminal.

More often,
I’m a security pal.

Indicating insecurities,
Is not a crime.

Face it:
The net was invented,
For sharing.

Any attempt,
To censor it,
I circumvent.

Enjoy and use it.
Instead of fighting it.

Don’t encapsule.
Don’t separate.
Be open and helpful.


Don’t hate me,
Don’t fear me,
For being this way.

Care, as I do.
Evolve and secure.
Fight surveillance.

And dance with the electron.

Cause I am a hacker, a cypherpunk,
And this is my universe,
My kind of prank.

(This poem is kindly based on the Hacker Manifesto published in the Phrack Magazine in 1986.
But it is more strongly based on the Chaos Computer Club Hacking Ethics to not litter with other peoples data and fight for privacy)